FLOWLite is a simple, flexible and fast
PHP 5.2+ framework, with a small Architecture for best Web 2.0+ Applications!


Version v1.4.1. FLOWLite is continuously optimized and improved. We pay attention to backward compatibility. If new features or changes are incorporated, is separately identified by the version identifier v2 for the beta. If the beta is released, we put the v1 version.

  • Discover

    The API (classes, methods), list all classes of object oriented framework. Build simple JSON APIs, write powerful controllers, FLOWLite is perfect for jobs of all sizes.

  • Functions

    Concepts such as the MVC, PDO and ORM. Works great on MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite and JSON. Simple technical template handling with placeholders.

  • Protection

    Security Manager for SQL injection and cross site scripting prevention, thanks to built-in PHP-IDS 2.0 filters. For secure mailing was installed PHPMailer 5.2.